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CLAW is Cybersecurity’s first Big Data SOAR platform



Vulnerability Assessment

Identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in your network and systems. 

Ingest Data

Ingest data from various scanning tools and render a comprehensive picture of the entire network for greater situational awareness and quickly hone in on critical devices and vulnerabilities.

Initiate Scans

Scan on specific devices directly and absorb the information to create an enriched network picture without switching tools.

Present Risk Scoring
See your risk score and risk posture through CLAW’s Situation View.
Initiate Remediation

Initiate remediation activities directly from CLAW using the secondary functions found within CLAW.

Incident Response

Monitor and detect security events on your network, and execute quick and proper responses.


Quickly ingest data to show precisely the nature of the incident and the devices involved.


Visualize the affected zones to understand the existing critical paths and data exfiltration routes.


Isolate devices and traffic or log patterns to contain incidents, identify areas of concern or exposure, and reduce overall exposure.


Remediate directly from CLAW when fully configured with access and permissions.

Some of the biggest security gaps I have seen exist between the ‘gaps’; complex weaknesses between domains or partners.  CybernetIQ is attacking that problem with an approach that may disrupt the industry.

Craig Bowman

Vice President, Cybersecurity, Verizon


Automated configuration and total coordination and management of all cybersecurity tools.

Single Pane

Acts as a”single-pane” to display virtual network rendering of the existing environment vs needing specialized skills to interpret the outputs of complex tools (SIEM, VMS, Scans, Logs etc).


Displays the data ingested from multiple diagnostic sources, providing a
consolidated view with more input yielding richer understanding of the existing network topology.

Threat Hunting

Proactively and iteratively search through your networks to detect and isolate advanced threats that can easily evade existing tools.


Overlay ingested source data from multiple tools and discover critical paths into the network, devices, and processes.



Isolate and contain vulnerabilities and execute specific triaging of patches, reduce network exposures, and mitigate potential weaknesses in single view.


Contain threats to the network by highlighting the rogue devices communicating within your network.



Orientate the existing resources in streamlining the current processes and optimize the existing workflows through the use of supervised learning and machine learning to discover savings.

CLAW has allowed us to maximize the return on investment on our security resourcing expenditures (tools and people) further strengthening our posture and situational awareness.

Zeina Matta

Principal Consultant - Cyber Resilience, Matta Security

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