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3D cyber attack surface analysis solution



CLAW – a 3D Cyber Battlefield

Ingest, Visualize, Investigate, Remediate, Collaborate.   A fully-integrated virtual environment that reveals gaps in your cyber strategy and reduces wasted-time by your cyber team. 

Step 1 - Ingest

CLAW ingests data directly from your devices or as batch files imported at regular intervals.  Asset Discovery, protocols, performance, vulnerabilities, risk and firewall configurations are all supported directly by CybernetIQ’s connectors.  Even non-traditional data such as deception technology, insider threat, and database risk, and content tracking can be imported.

Step 2- Visualize

Using a series of lenses, CLAW visualizes layers of data in a 3D Virtual Reality engine that allows your cyber team to quickly and seamlessly move around your cyber battlefield.  The interface is so intuitive and easy to use that your team will see, rather than be told, what they should prioritize.

Step 3 - Investigate
With a single Cyber Battlefield, CLAW reduces false positives by showing your team the most critical threats in a virtual space.  When your cyber team wants to dive deeper, they can initiate penetration testing on any node, right from CLAW.
Step 4 - Remediate

CLAW allows your team to immediately adjust fireall rules, ports and protocols, and communication pathways, right from one interace.

Step 5 - Collaborate

CLAW provides an easy way for your team to share knowledge and collaborate on risk.  All updates, changes and conversations are recorded directly on the nodes and within the Cyber Battlefield.

360 Risk Resiliency Report

The most complete risk report on the market.  

Step 1 - On-boarding

Info Gathered:
List of Cyber Tools
Published Policies
Cyber Partners
Network Topology
Mobile Environment
Data Sensitivity
Web/Mobile Applications
Customer Interviews

Step 2 - CLAW Battlefield Creation


On-boarding validation
CLAW Integration
3D Battlefield Creation
Policy Review
Cloud environment & Strategy
Cyber Insurance Review
End-of-Life Hardware Check
Software Licensing Review

Step 3 - Risk Review and Assessment


Network Plan
Cyber Plan
Hardware/Software Plan
Mobile Plan
Incident Response Plan
Cyber Insurance Plan
Policy Templates
3D Battlefield Analysis 

Step 4 - Draft Review


3D Battlefield Review
Assumptions Review
Recommendation Review
New Requirements

Step 5 - Final Report, Executive Summary


Executive Presentation
Project Plan for Recommendations

Step 6 - 90 Day Review


30/60/90 Day follow-up

Some of the biggest security gaps I have seen exist between the ‘gaps’; complex weaknesses between domains or partners.  CybernetIQ is attacking that problem with an approach that may disrupt the industry.

Craig Bowman

Vice President, Cybersecurity, Verizon

CLAW has allowed us to maximize the return on investment on our security resourcing expenditures (tools and people) further strengthening our posture and situational awareness.

Zeina Matta

Principal Consultant - Cyber Resilience, Matta Security

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