You can't defend what you can't see.

The Future of SIEM
Augment your organization’s monitoring, detection, hunting, and response capabilities with a single platform.


Our Business Value

3D Cyber Battlefield

By visualizing all your cyber and network data together in one 3D interface, you can have a complete view of the cyber battlefield and know where to invest your time and resources.

Improved SOC Efficiency

CLAW cuts through the false positives. Now your SOC analyst can identify and remediate more complicated threats from a single tool, improving their efficiency by as much as 30%.

Mind the Gaps

Reveal network, communication and cyber data in one 3D Battlefield. CLAW shows you the threats that exist in your environment, and highlights gaps in your teams, technology and tradecraft.

Time to Remediation

CLAW incorporates all your response tools into one interface, allowing your SOC analysts to immediately respond to threats without leaving the battlefield.

Resiliency Risk Report

Using industry data, company interviews, NIST standards, database scans, and our own patented CLAW technology, we provide the most complete Risk Report on the market.

Compliance (GDPR, CCPA, NERC CIP)

Speed up compliance efforts and  eliminate down time. Customers have achieved compliance with NERC CIP within a day.


Advanced Software, Training & Technology Consulting

CybernetIQ combines the guidance of one of the industry’s best minds, a partnership community and a powerful new solution to provide organizations unparalleled cybersecurity capabilities.

The Result: Empowered Employees and Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

CybernetIQ customers achieve compliance in less than a day and an average 10x Return on Investment.
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What People Are Saying

Some of the biggest security gaps I have seen exist between the ‘gaps’; complex weaknesses between domains or partners.  CybernetIQ is attacking that problem head-on with an approach that may disrupt the industry.
Craig Bowman

Vice President, Cybersecurity, Verizon

CLAW has allowed us to maximize the return on investment on our security resourcing expenditures (tools and people) further strengthening our posture and situational awareness.
Zeina Matta

Principal Consultant - Cyber Resilience, Matta Security

CLAW helps us tap into an industry leading, purpose built technology; and  provides an effective risk visualization platform that helps us deliver high-value, rapid security assessments to our customers.
Mike Davidson

Senior Solutions Architect, TeraMach

Organizations that implement CLAW rapidly benefit from  a unique visualization of their network that empowers them with real-time, actionable event monitoring to meet today’s cybersecurity demands.
Michael Doucet

Retired Executive, Federal Government

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